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LA SPEZIA: military stronghold and the ideal city of the Futurist movement

The first noteworthy news about the city of La Spezia dates back to 1270, the year in which Niccolò Fieschi elected the capital of his lordship, therefore fortifying it. However, only six years later, Fieschi transferred his possessions to the Maritime Republic of Genoa and, under the dominion of the Serenissima, iniziated the economic development and administration of La Spezia, becoming in 1371 one of the main centers in which they divided the Genoese state administration. It was during this time that construction of the Castle of St. George and the first wall of the city with its five towers and five gates began.
The city remained this way for centuries, up until the moment when, after the unification of Italy, the decision was made to build the Kingdom’s most important military naval base in La Spezia.
The authors of this epochal change were Count Camillo Benso di Cavour and Domenico Chiodo who realized the ambitious project of the Military and the resulting new structure of the city, which has become an ideal testing ground for architects, urban planners, and intellectuals interested in the most modern view of the world could offer.
And so began the construction of the first Art Nouveau buildings in La Spezia, as well as the first reinforced concrete buildings, neighborhoods for the workers made according to the dictates of the new hygienist science. The Futurist movement chose La Spezia as an example of an ideal city and the Futurist painters chose it as their ideal landscape in many of their paintings or mosaics, as in that of Fillia and Prampolini, still visible today in the tower of the central post office (built during the Fascist period ), in which we don’t celebrate the natural beauty, romantic settings, and the transparency of the sea, but instead rejoice in the shipyards, the tunnels, a fleet of seaplanes, scientific discoveries, the radio ..

“… The ‘inner beauty of the Gulf of La Spezia, true harmony of aesthetic values ​​and dynamic values ​​of natural forces and mechanical properties of sentimental items and power …” (Righetti “The Land of the Living” 01/06/193

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LA SPEZIA: military stronghold and the ideal city of the Futurist movement
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